National Cornbread Festival 2018

CORNBREAD FESTIVAL!! YASSS!! There really is a cornbread festival! A couple weeks ago I was so excited to go and experience all things cornbread. The National Cornbread Festival is located in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. I tasted about 20 different types of cornbread!! I even won a few prizes, like a Mini Lodge Cast Iron Skillet!…… Continue reading National Cornbread Festival 2018

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A Kids’ Guide To Cleveland…Written By A Kid

A couple weeks ago, Nana, My Mom, and I went to Cleveland, Ohio! Cleveland is so cool! Before I tell you about our journey here are some fun facts about Cleveland; Nickname; The Forest City Motto; Progress and Prosperity State; Ohio County; Cuyahoga Founded; July 22, 1796 Named For; Moses Cleaveland Okay… Now that you know a few facts about Cleveland,…… Continue reading A Kids’ Guide To Cleveland…Written By A Kid

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5 Facts You Should Know About Spinach!

#NationalSpinachDay   1. The binomial/original name was Spinacia oleracea. 2. Spinach came from Persia A.K.A Iran. 3. It was originally called a weed. Some people thought it was poisonous!! 4.  Spinach is good for better eyesight. Its a good source of lutein, beta carotene, and xanthene. 5. Spinach has 15 different vitamins and minerals. Now…… Continue reading 5 Facts You Should Know About Spinach!