Out & About In Atlanta

First Fridays at the High Museum of Art

Last night I saw a super cool exhibit!! The artist was Daniel Arsham. His exhibit is entitled, Hourglass. My favorite part was the Amethyst Cave! It was a room filled with purple balls. All over the walls and the ceiling! 

Guess what else happened??? Me and my mommy was at the end of the exhibit when she told me that Jermaine Dupri was standing right in front of me!! I’m a fan of his show, The Rap Game. Sooooo I went and asked him if he could take a photo with me and he said “sure!” Yay!

THENNN my mom spotted Usher! Ahhhh!! Yup! Gotta a selfie with him! Usher was super cool too!

Oh! And there was cool photo booth at the museum too! Out pictures came out super cute! Photos by EKSLUDER!!

I had an awesome Friday night at the museum! You should go check the Hourglass exhibit out, I really liked it! 


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