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Hey guys!  I had an awesome week. Guess what I did? I went to another Macy’s Culinary Council with guess who? Chef Marcus Samuelsson !!  As you know, last time I went to a Macy’s Culinary Council it was with Chef Marc Forgione.  If you’ve ever watched the Food Network, Chef Marcus has been on a few of the shows. He is a judge on Chopped, a competitor on Top Chef Masters, and he was also a judge on 24 Hour Restaurant Battle. When I saw him I was very excited to meet him. 


 We got there extra early so we had plenty of time to interview Chef Marcus. I asked him the following questions:

Curly fries or waffle fries?

Waffle Fries

Fried egg, omelet, or scrambled?


How do you feel about kale salads?

I Like kale, it’s good.

Would you rather be a waiter or a dishwasher?

I would rather be a dishwasher than a waiter because you can listen to your music while you wash the dishes.

Worst thing about being a chef is…

There is no worst thing about it. I focus on the good things.

Best thing about being a chef is…

You get to meet different people.

What’s your favorite chain restaurant?

I have no favorite.

Butter or olive oil?


Baked or fried?

You have to fry your fries

Brussels sprouts or cauliflower?


Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?

Dinner for breakfast

Waffles or pancakes?


Ingredient you’re most afraid of?

Buckwheat, because I’m allergic. Blowfish because it’s poisonous.

Last meal on earth?

Swedish Meatballs


After my interview they asked for everyone to settle down for some live music. The band was really good!  We also enjoyed an awesome performance from the W.A.F.F.L.E crew ! After the awesome dance routine, he introduced himself then gave out cups of mulled apple cider. Before starting the cooking demonstration, he asked for an assistant. I quickly raised my hand and guess what? He chose me! I was so excited! He called me up to the stage and I helped make an Almond Quinoa Salad.  While I was helping him make the salad Chef Marcus talked about the importance of tasting everything you cook to make sure it tastes good. I helped toss the salad, while Chef Marcus made the vinaigrette.  After we finished the salad he gave me two bowls of the Almond Quinoa Salad, one for me and one for my friend, Din. It was really good! I almost asked for more. 




For the next dish, he asked for another assistant.  Another kid got to make shrimp scramble with him. It was really good! Next, Chef Marcus Samuelsson made Uncle T’s Meatballs which had  beef, pork, and chicken. The sauce was made with fresh tomatoes, onions and garlic. So good!  After that he had a meet and greet and book signing for his cookbook! I managed to get a signed copy. I had a really great time!  Can’t wait to meet another Food Network Chef!

My friend, the Waffle Crew, and I


  1. Oh my goodness SAGE!!! Love this article and fantastic questions in your interview! You make Chef look awesome cooking! Can’t wait to see your next adventure!


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