Out & About In Atlanta


Yesterday, I got the chance to visit the Michael C. Carlos Museum on the campus of Emory University. It was so fun!! Let me tell about my time there.

First I got to see a new exhibit, First Folio: the book that gave us SHAKESPEARE. I had the opportunity to see the first collected edition of the play by William Shakespeare. These were some very old books!!

Next I saw some Greek, Asian, and African artifacts. They were very interesting. A lot of detailed work went into these pieces. Very cool.

My favorite part was the mummies!! I was so interested how a person was mummified. So when a person died, they removed the brain and organs from the body. Then they stuffed the body with linen. Then they wrap the body. The whole process takes like 2 months!! Wow! They even mummified animals!!

What a cool museum visit! Check out some of the pics in the link below!



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