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ATL Kid Foodie Reviews ~ Twelve Eighty Menu Preview

So a couple weeks ago, I went to Twelve Eighty. It’s located right next to the High Museum of Art! I was excited to be able to taste their new menu. When I walked in, I thought it was beautiful with all the glass plate paintings on the wall. They offered me a drink when I arrived. I got orange juice. I was really thirsty because it was so hot outside. It was really refreshing .

Soon it was time to eat!

First we had Chop Spring Salad. The salad was really good and tasted really fresh . I really like the crispy onions on top.

crisp romaine, jumbo asparagus, vine ripe tomato, pancetta, “sweet grass dairy farms” Asher Bleu, avocado, squash, chick pea, creamy Italian dressing, crispy onions.
Next we had the Maine Lobster Roll. The roll was really good and not to salty. My favorite part was the fresh lobster. 

It was amazing and delicious.



  My favorite menu item was the Lollipop Smoked Chicken! It was sweet and so delicious. Yummy!


Last, but not least, DESSERT!  We had a very nice assortment of DESSERTS!

My favorite desserts was the Key Lime Cheesecake and the Decedent Chocolate Torte. It was so good!!!  

vanilla bean panna cotta
decadent chocolate torte

decadent chocolate torte and key lime cheesecake

I’ve hade a great experience! YOU should definitely visit one day!!!! 


chef tripp


executive chef john c. metz


*I recieved this delicious meal complimentary. All opinions are that of my own!


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