Sage Eats Atlanta

The Tin Drum Experience

Tuesday night, me and my mom went to an Asian street-side café called TIN DRUM. We were there to try their Chinese New Year menu items. Chinese New Year is a festival that is celebrated in China. One of the traditions are fireworks, another is eating dumplings at midnight. While we were at TIN DRUM we sampled some Peking Short Rib Noodles. They were good! We also had Chinatown Short Rib Tacos.  I  enjoyed those too! The bold flavors are inspired by the cultures of China, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

 We also got the chance to order anything off the menu. My Mom got one of their classic dishes, Mango Chicken. It was sweet chili sauce, fresh mango, onion, basil, bell peppers, jalapeño, crispy chicken, and steamed white rice.  I tasted the chicken and it was good and so was the rice.  I ordered the Street Noodle Pad Thai.  It had sweet Thai citrus sauce, stir fried rice noodles, scallions, bean sprouts, carrots, lime, egg, and sautéed chicken. It also had peanuts, but I asked for no peanuts, because I ‘m not a fan of peanuts.  Another thing I really like was their ice tea. I had two cups!!

I saw some bloggers that I knew, and I also met some new bloggers. It was nice to see Milla, Toby, and Nikka again. They are all Atlanta blogger like my Mom.  It was cool to meet the chef of Tin Drum, Chef Kirk Biondi. I even got a photo with him! He was really nice.


 Oh! And they had a photo booth.  And Tin drum gave us a cup with a tshirt and sriracha on a keychain. Cool! I had an awesome time!!

Tin Drum Asia Café  is Sage approved!




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